Writing Success: pre-A1 Student’s Book

-10% Writing Success: pre-A1 Student’s Book
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Writing Success CEFR Level Pre-A1

No Learner Is Too Young to Write!
(Very) Young Learners can barely write their own name! Maybe they can copy a few letters, or even words from the board. Older children are struggling to write well in their own language. So, how can they write in English?
Young Learners can do a lot more writing than we think. Yes, they can’t do what most of us consider ‘proper writing’, i.e., emails,letters, stories or essays.
However, it’s a good idea to get them started on writing as early as possible. They’ll get the help and encouragement they need and they’ll be better equipped to start on the proper writing tasks later.

The Writing Success series includes a variety of writing tasks. Some are perfect for introducing writing to young learners at level pre-A1. Others are useful for young learners who can write (A1 & A2), but still need extra guidance and encouragement.

Writing Success pre-A1 is designed for beginners-level young English learners.
• Based on twelve different topics, this easy-to-follow book focuses on the letter level, building confidence to start writing words in English.
• The first page of each unit provides prompts to elicit students’ existing language and to stimulate students’ interest in the given topic. This helps students generate ideas for the writing tasks ahead. Then, students start with a simple note-taking task. This directs their attention towards the target words. Students are also encouraged to come to the front of the class to present their work.
• Students listen to the audio pronunciation of the words and they practise tracing the words to gain visual familiarity with the pattern of the letters. As students gain confidence, they have an opportunity to recall the spelling of the target words through a guided oral activity that can be done with a partner.
• In the Put-It-Together section there is a more challenging application of the target words within a short phrase or even a sentence. This will prepare them for higher-level writing skills.
• The end of every unit (Games & Puzzles) provides a fun review activity which can be completed individually, in pairs, or as a group. Finally, there is a review section after every four units.

Extra Components
• free Downloadable workbook activities for extra in-class practice or homework
• audio recordings for modelling key words and supplemental questions for each unit
• free Teacher’s Guide with tools and tests to support the use of the materials

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