Upgrade your Grammar - Level B1 - Teacher’s Book

-10% Upgrade your Grammar - Level B1 - Teacher’s Book
Εκδότης: Global ELT
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 9781781642658
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Upgrade your Grammar

Level CEFR B1

  • Theory and exercises carefully graded to suit the
    cognitive level of learners
  • Simple and concise explanations of grammatical theory
  • Illustrations for visual reinforcement of key structures
  • Thorough practice through a wide variety of popular task
    types, including various exam-format exercises
  • Progress tests every three units
  • Revision exercises, at the end of the book, on the
    relevant Grammar units

Overprinted edition​ (Student's Book with Overprinted Answers)

Overprinted edition ​with answers - Sample pages