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MemoRace is one of the best methods to improve concentration and exercise your memory skills. On top of that, MemoRace has one more crucial benefit: you actually learn English words without noticing it. The game is a lot of fun and helps you memorise new words in a quick and enjoyable way. During the game, players get really absorbed in finding pairs that match and raising their scores.

English words just pop into your head!

Contents: 72 cards with 36 English words, manual, word list, QR Code, insert with other suggested games.

Word list in English, Spanish, German, Czech, Russian, Polish.


Buy MemoRace and become a Crazy Stylist:

The aim of the game is to facilitate the usage of the Present Simple Tense while
practising the sentence patterns.

Put all the cards from the Memory Game Clothes face down. Each of the players
chooses 3 cards and places them in front,  on the table. The task of the player
is to describe a person or a situation in which wearing a chosen item of
clothing would give comical effect and makes other people laugh. For example: A
policeman in pyjamas catches a criminalist (the word from the card is: pyjamas).
One word or more can be used in the description.

The funniest description wins the whole game.