Dictionary of Business

-10% Dictionary of Business
Εκδότης: Global ELT
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 9781781641156
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Global ELT Dictionary of Business

  • The world of business is rapidly changing and expanding with the introduction of new business practices, the application of latest technologies, and the increasing acceptance of theories of business management.
  • The GLOBAL ELT Dictionary of Business contains terms related to various aspects of business, its rules, regulations, operations and technologies. It provides basic information on the subject, through entries on different business activities and established theories, as well as complex terms pertinent to the latest business practices all across the globe.
  • The dictionary has drawn on authentic sources such as journals, standard textbooks, websites, etc. to provide latest information on various aspects of business to students, teachers and professionals alike. Each term has been explained in simple language and a lucid manner for easy understanding by readers. It contains precise, standard definitions of technical terms and easy illustrations which provide better comprehension of complex terms relating to business principles.
  • Besides students and teachers, it will immensely help businessmen, entrepreneurs, exporters, importers, and all those concerned with any form of business.