Michigan ECPE - GCVR - 12 theme‐based Units - Student's Book

-10% Michigan ECPE - GCVR - 12 theme‐based Units - Student's Book
Εκδότης: Andrew Betsis ELT
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 9789604138302
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Michigan ECPE - GCVR  - 12 theme‐based Units

Key Features:
• 12 themebased Units that focus on the Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Reading sections of the ECPE exam, dealing with especially tricky grammatical usage and sophisticated vocabulary.
• Each unit comprises of the Reading Section which focuses on improving candidates’ Reading Comprehension skills. At the same time, new vocabulary found in the texts is followed by Vocabulary Exercises.
• The next section, Grammar in Context deals with specific Grammar topics that are commonly found in the Michigan ECPE exam.
• The following two sections of each unit, Words in Action and Vocabulary Development, focus on Vocabulary Building.
• The last part of each unit is a short Michigan ECPE Test.

Student's book (without answers and Audio CD)