Natural English Grammar 1 - Beginners - CEFR A1 Student's book

-10% Natural English Grammar 1 - Beginners - CEFR A1 Student's book
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Natural English Grammar

Level CEFR A1

  • PRESENTATION: Colourful illustrations and humorous situations or dialogues are used to present each new grammatical item.
  • REFERENCE TABLES: Grammatical points are presented in clearly laid out tables highlighting each new structure.
  • EXERCISES: There is a wide range of exercises giving students ample opportunity to practise the grammatical point presented in each unit.
  • WARNING NOTES: Notes draw students’ attention to any exceptions or clarify any troublesome areas.
  • GRAMMAR THEORY: There is a special section at the end of each book, explaining all of the grammatical structures and functions.
  • REVISION TESTS: Revision Exercises and Progress Tests are also available, providing further consolidation of the grammar taught.

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