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  • QSE provides a rich resource of 4-skills practice.
  • QSE is written by well-established authors and uses the latest ideas about brain science and language acquisition, from multiple intelligences to memetics.
  • QSE is the first course to offer Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) as a seamless part of every Unit.
  • QSE is not afraid to tackle topics that the usual EFL materials ignore, dealing with the controversial ideas and issues that students really want to discuss - families, global warming, animal welfare, ambition and careers, love & relationships, fame & fortune, peace & war.
  • QSE has Units at all levels with a similar, easy-to-follow format, so that teachers and students can quickly and easily tackle new topics, with minimum preparation time.

Course Components:

  • Studentís Book
  • Teacherís Book
  • Audio CDs
  • Workbook
Coursebooks for Greek Lykeio
Quick Smart English Intermediate Level B1
Quick Smart English Upper Intermediate Level B2
Quick Smart English Advanced Level C1

FLASH on English

Coursebooks for LYKEIO

FLASH on English is an English course specifically aimed at students in the 14 to 17 age range. The fundamental language objective is for them to learn English in a non-jargon form, as it is spoken today on a daily basis. Added to this, the aims are to help them acquire a greater sense of the historical, geographical, scientific and environmental background of the anglophone world, to offer an intensive exploration of the rich literary expression in Anglo-American culture and to provide a stimulating introduction to cross-curricular topics in the Culture, CLIL and Literature sections.

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Coursebooks for Greek Lykeio